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About iNatura

iNatura is a company dedicated to offering concept based natural & organic products & ideas for body  & wellness products for every age and stage of life. We are focused on developing safe, natural and innovative formulations, remedies and products that help people lead richer, healthier and disease free life. Its not just about living a healthy life, but also feeling well from within. That’s what our products aim to achieve.

iNatura Inc. is a young team which develops and create innovative natural products for all age groups in the category of Wellness, beauty, Anti-aging & Longivity. iNatura also has a wide range of organic agro products which include soil conditioner, plant nutrition, growth promoter, organic pesticides & special crop treatment.







Our Vision


Our vision is ‘Growth’ for our customers, our team members and our community



Our Guiding Principle

Exceeding our customer's needs, giving them 'Delight' and always being 'customer centric' are our primary guiding principles. We believe in a philosophy of ethical and transparent business practices with all customers, vendors and employees to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and benefit.



advisory board

Rajesh Singh

Mr. Rajesh Singh is an strategist in product development and product positioning. An MBA from Bombay University, he has an extraordinary academic & professional track record. A strategist with more than 20 years of rich experience, he is known for designing & executing innovative and unconventional products, concepts & business models. Inquisitive by nature Mr Singh has qualities like creativity, vivid imagination and passion for conceiving & developing products for natural wellness. With experts, scientists and innovators Mr. Singh ensures that iNatura continues to offer world-class, innovative and result oriented products & solutions at delight prices.

Dr Satilal Patil

Dr. Satilal Patil is an innovator & scientist. He is expert in the field of biocontrol & organic inputs. Developed various innovative products, Biopesticides, Biofertilizers and plant growth promoters etc. Dr. Patil is Official consultants for govt agriculture department and is member of UGC technical committee. He is Technical Advisor for Dubai, UAE. He is a member of 'Neem Patent' team and holds a series of patents in his name. A doctorate from Pune University, Dr Satilal Patil is awarded with "Agri Icon" in Maharashtra. A passionate scientist in research & invention, an author, Dr. Satilal Patil continues to work for R&D in the field of agriculture, Pharmaceutical and microbiology.

Dr Peter Josling

Dr. Peter Josling is a European Biochemist, renowned author and scientist. Nicknamed as "The Garlic King", Dr. Peter has authored a series of bestseller books on the subject of the healing power of stabilized Allicin from Garlic. Dr. Peter Josling is an innovator and creates solutions which give healing and make things better for the mankind and agriculture. Dr. Peter Josling has developed a way to stabilize the anti-viral, anti-bacterial substance in garlic called 'Allicin' for the first time in history. He is founder of The Garlic Centre based in Sussex, England which provides an independent source of information about the medicinal, culinary, and general properties of Garlic.

Bratati Sen

A passionate in medicinal herbs & formulations – Mrs. Sen plays a key role in concept designing & product formulation. She has always been keen in understanding the benefits of herbs & natural medicines for disease care and healthy living. With her strong scientific temperament and in conjunction with medical experts she began on her quest to work for natural products for prevention & care. She has been working extensively on different types of medicinal herbs & their prudent use in restoring health for people who are suffering worldwide. She plays key role in formulation & product development of various natural combinations for Prevention, Care & Cure.