consultancy services

We help our clients develop & source products that are innovative, result-oriented and cost effective. We also offer our tailor-made consultancy services in the areas of product positioning, strategic marketing and training. Whether you are looking for innovative product concepts, research based products, unique formulations or quality manufacturing we can deliver a one-stop solution to fit your needs. At iNatura, we offer a genuinely different approach by bundling product concept, product development, production & packaging, with product positioning and training.


We are consultant and advisor for many large and established companies, as well as for ambitious start-up companies. Our mantra is to do the right thing and do it right. We aim to make things as simple as possible and ensure that it fits the ‘time-line’ and ‘cost-line’ of our client.



Product Development

At iNatura, we offer complete solution in product development right from product concept to formulation, competition analysis and market potential, R&D to production, form factor to final packaging, product nomenclature to logo creation, creative and artwork for product packaging, actual production and execution etc.

While working on the product concept we make sure that the product is unique to the market and it fits the target domain of the client's product offering. We study and analyze the market in terms of product availability and the vacuum and then accordingly work on the product concept. Even the product packaging, form factor, overall look n feel etc is conceived and done on the basis of inputs from these studies. The idea is to offer a product or concept which is new, innovative, desired by market and commercially viable for the client as well as the end user.




Product Positioning

At iNatura, we help our clients in strategic marketing and product positioning by helping them identify the right TG of product and optimizing the product USPs to capture that TG. The idea is to capture the entire available potential in the market at best without any misselling or wrong information about the product.

Product positioning is a crucial ingredient in the whole buying process and should never be left to chance. It's the opportunity to influence the market's perception of the product. Failure to proactively address product positioning is unlikely to end well. Clear, concise, meaningful product positioning helps to get the product established well in the marketplace. While working on our product positioning strategy, we focus on differentiating the product from the competition's, articulate the USPs of the product and address the customer's important buying criteria.



Training Support

At iNatura, we firmly believe that 'product knowledge' & 'market knowledge' are two very important tools without which distributors or sales team can't achieve the optimum potential of their market. We help our clients in designing various training modules, creating study materials and training sessions.

Product knowledge leads to confidence and confidence leads to sales. Knowledge leads to confidence and product knowledge is no exception. If the team understand the product well they are better placed to promote and sell it with the enthusiasm and passion it deserves. In order to maximize sales opportunities, training is a must. We at iNatura study your product and its TG to fully understand the market potential. We then design tailor-made training modules aimed to train the right people in right way so that the full market potential can be realized.