exclusive distribution rights

With a passion for medicinal herbs & unique formulations, iNatura continues to explore the world for special and innovative products for prevention n care, wellness, organic agriculture, better living etc. iNatura Inc. gets associated with various companies and signs exclusive marketing or distribution rights.
iNatura Inc. becomes a preferred choice for international brands and companies due to its state of the art research & development centre with experienced in-house research associates backed with a capable advisory board of reputed scientists. Other than having a good grip on R&D and QC, iNatura has a good strength in terms of production and manufacturing. iNatura is associated with few of the best manufacturing units in the country.
iNatura holds the exclusive marketing rights for India for all the products for Allicin International Ltd., UK and Voldox Ltd., UK. Allicin International Limited (AIL) is a Research and Development company, dedicated to identifying and supplying useful products made from natural organic sources especially garlic. Their aim is to provide natural products for improving the quality of life for people and animals. It has a dedicated research unit and a history of lodging successful patents in this area. They hold a series of patents for innovative products for wellness, healing, prevention & care etc. AIL has pioneered a process of stabilizing allicin, the active component of garlic. They have a wide range of natural health products which are available worldwide.